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What You May Need

Congratulations! You’ve decided to “Come Join the Fun” with us!

Now, you may be asking, “What do I need to bring with me?”

The good news is… we’ve taken care of all the big details, to make it easier for you to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!

For the day trips, we never send out admission tickets or passes, as it is simply too easy for those to get misplaced. Instead, we hand those out while we are on board the motorcoach to that specific event. And meal tipping is always included for meals that are part of your tour package.

On longer trips, you may receive airline tickets in advance to ensure that names are spelled correctly and all other information is accurate. You will also be sent detailed information on what to pack (more importantly, what NOT to pack!) and the best way to plan for those expenses that may not be included in the tour package. By the way, my packing rule of thumb for ANY trip is to dress in layered clothing… that way you can adapt to changing weather patterns, even in a single day when temperatures can fluctuate wildly traveling to diverse elevations and locations. By all means, bring clothes you’re comfortable in. And, my helpful hint is to pack your bag… then take half of it out! OK, maybe a third. Even I still tend to pack more clothes than I really need to, so I guess I need to follow my own rule more closely!!

Most importantly, this is your vacation. Remember that we have all the big details taken care of for you. So your biggest obligation is …. That’s right, sit back, relax and ENJOY THE TRIP!!